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Anti-theft Seal Encountered Problems In The Production Process How To Solve
Nov 20, 2017

Strengthen the measuring instrument security seal line management Measuring instruments of the clamp (commonly known as lead seal) is a measurement of accreditation printed a, it is the quality and technical supervision departments to measure the performance of measuring instruments to preserve a measure of sub-factory manufacturers of lead Seal (hereinafter referred to as Factory Seal) and quality and technical supervision departments seal two. Judging from the management of measuring instruments for many years, seals have played a great role in strengthening the management of measuring instruments. However, in practice, many problems have also been exposed,There are:

First, the reliability of seal line. Article 21 of the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Metrology Law stipulates: "Where there is no conformity certificate or certificate or the unqualified measuring instrument is not allowed to leave the factory," some measuring instruments such as pressure gauges, fuel dispensers, X-ray machine factory should be factory sealed. Under normal circumstances, the verification of measuring instruments, as long as the new manufacturing, repair and use of measuring instruments does not allow the error tolerance, the factory seal will not be replaced. After the implementation of the "Metrology Law", the manufacturers strictly control the factory seals so that the management of the measuring instruments can be normally operated in accordance with the law.

However, in recent years, some manufacturers or manufacturers repair personnel, driven by lust, the use of factory closures to open the door to lawless elements, tampering with the sealed data, so that unscrupulous traders profiteering from them. This brings difficulties to the management of measuring instruments and the illegal processing work. Some illegal facts are difficult to find in time. Even if misunderstanding of measuring instruments is found, it is difficult to distinguish between human factors and mechanical problems. Such as fuel tanker, usually in the metrology test is replaced by the metering pump seal, and the sensor seal is not moving, but the sensor part of the important measurement parameters, if you change this parameter, the tanker measurement data will occur very Big changes, some unscrupulous people is drilling this loophole in illegal activities. When informed law enforcement officers check or test, they excuse manufacturers to repair and tanker parts will be sealed with the factory sealed, so that the investigation is difficult to carry out.

Second, seal disorder management. As some of the technical agencies in a few lead seal pliers, usually which one is convenient to use, not strictly in accordance with the "Metrology test, certificate management approach" for management, which also lead to seal management problems.

Third, seal line anti-counterfeiting technology is poor, it is easy to forge. Seal is generally relatively simple, once copied and used, is equal to all the measurement data measuring instruments exposed, resulting in all the data out of control measuring instruments, can not be fortified, unmanageable