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Container Wire Seal Lock Should Be Done After The Destruction Of How To Deal With?
Mar 07, 2018

Container wire seal lock should be done after the destruction of how to deal with?

Container seal factory for a variety of special reasons after the discovery of some plastic seals / wire seal is damaged, the driver immediately notify the factory, the factory arrangements for the responsible officer rushed to the designated location, open the container, count the mantissa to see if there is a tamper or have Excess items appear, and asked the driver of the cause of the damage, save the photo, seal the factory-owned seal, please provide a new seal number, notify the change of loading records, seal number, and reported to the guests.


Plastic seals found in the factory damaged or replace the seal number, etc., immediately respond to the freight forwarding, please send the goods on behalf of the purchase of new wire seals, plastic seals, and inform the title, the container container is completed, the first with the factory since Prepare sealed seals and take pictures, until the container to the venue, please keep the factory freight forwarding blockade, and sealed on the new wire or plastic seal the correct requirements of the freight forwarding photographs provided by the lock company, check the lock company seal Is consistent, Shi lock companies have filed for storage and reported to the guests.

After entering the container port, be sure to check whether the incoming information matches the information of the packing list kept by our company. If there is a discrepancy, immediately inform the forwarding agent and find out the reason.