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Gas Security Seals
Apr 10, 2018

Gas meter anti-theft clips, tamper-resistant devices, gas meter one-time anti-theft clips, gas meter anti-theft clips, gas meter seal, these are the seals commonly used on gas meters.

Plastic clips for union connection pipe is suitable for gas meter, water meter and other union connected pipe. This kind of one-time plastic seal card is smartly designed, simple in structure, easy to install, low in cost. If the seal is removed after installation, it is damaged and cannot be restored. It has good anti-theft property and can effectively prevent private dismantling of gas meters, water meters and other union connected pipes to avoid hidden safety risks. It is an effective and reliable union connection protective accessory.

Gas Security Seals

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1. The clips are made of ABS plastics.

2. Printing: Company name, repair call, number and illegal dismantling, etc.

3. Can equipped with seals

4. Color variety, can be made according to customer requirements.

The gas meter seal is mainly to seal the gas meter, with a certain number on each of it. The seal on the gas meter is a sign that the inspection is qualified to ensure accurate gas metering, and it is the user's responsibility and obligation to make sure the completeness of the gas meter seal. The arbitrary damage and loss of the seals will be punished by the relevant provisions of the measurement law.