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How To Choose Trailer Seals Security?
Dec 12, 2017

Bolt seal and cable seal

There are some fundamental differences between bolts and cable seals. For example, bolt seals are less flexible. They asked the holes to line up and be within a distance of one another. On the other hand, cable seals are given more. Therefore, cable seals are ideal for locking misaligned holes. Before fixing the seal, you can also string the cable seals through multiple circuit points. Cable seals have cable lengths from 6 "to 72". When buying cable seals, you can choose between fixed length or adjustable.

trailer seals security trailer seals security 

Look from our customer feedback. Tensile strength of the bolt seal stronger. Anti-sabotage ability, but the length of a fixed height. The length of the cable seal wire seal can be adjusted. It is best to use the cable seal for sealing over long distances.

Therefore, buyers need to explicitly use the target size to select the appropriate trailer seals.