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How To Handle The Seal After Use
Mar 13, 2018

How to handle the seal after use?

Sealed products are being used in more and more fields, and their usage is also increasing. Because seals are one-off products, they can only be violently dismantled and opened after they are properly sealed. Seals after dismantling cannot be sealed. Reuse, then how to deal with these used seals?


Most seals are made of metal, steel wire, aluminum alloy, plastic and other materials, so it will cause a great deal of environmental pollution, we need to properly handle these scrap seal products to reduce the harm to the environment, we can The used seal products are collectively collected and placed separately. Metals and plastics are placed separately. Most of the plastics used on lead seals are made of ABS plastics, which have photodegradation characteristics and therefore do not cause white pollution; at the same time, various harmful gases leak out. Weak capabilities are relatively environmentally friendly materials. Properly handled, there is little pollution to the environment. The collected metal and steel wire can be uniformly sold to waste recycling stations. As long as everyone correctly handles these scrap seals, it will certainly reduce the pollution caused to the environment.

With the innovation of the times, the products are constantly updating and replacing, the most primitive lead materials are gradually replaced by other materials, and the used materials can be recycled and reused. This will play a very important role in the protection of the environment. We must protect it at all times. The environment acts together to benefit our happiness home.