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How To Ship Security Seals To My Country?
Nov 27, 2017

Our standard shipping terms are FOB . You can provide your shipping account or we can ship on our account and add the shipping costs to the invoice. Shipping costs to USA destinations are subject to the applicable sales tax. Our standard carriers are FedEx, UPS, and specific truckload freight companies, which are selected and paid by us.

All orders are fully insured if they are shipped on our account using our standard carriers for ground and air shipments. Our standard carriers include:
a. Federal Express (FedEx)*
b. United Parcel Service (UPS)*
c. Any truck service where we select the carrier 

* If shipping on your account via FedEx or UPS, we always insure the package for the full value, unless you request otherwise.

For all other types of shipments, you are responsible to arrange for insurance or accept the risk if the package is lost or damaged. This includes:
a. Orders shipped by the US Postal Service
b. Using your preferred carrier (other than FedEx or UPS) and billing it to your shipping account.