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How To Use Cable Seals
Apr 18, 2018

Cable seal is one of the most commonly used seals on the market, but many users do not know how to use the cable seal. Junchuang describes the use of wire seals in detail:


1. Cut the required length of the seal wire, for example, 10cm, 15cm, etc., the seal wire could be plastic coated steel wire, iron thread seal line, colorful plastic coated wire and copper wire and so on.

2. Take out a seal bean, which generally have 3 holes: 2 on one side, 1 on the other side, insert the seal wire into the bottom hole of the 2 holes, which is also near the seal head, (also to cross the hoe on the spinner), then rotate one or two turns.

3. Then the bottom is fixed, and then pass the other head of the seal wire through the two holes outside the object you want to seal (such as the meter), then pass through the two holes in the seal, and then rotate the blade at the top of the seal clockwise.

4. Rotate until you think it is locked, stop spinning, and then cut off the top blade.

 How to use cable seals

The above is a detailed introduction of the use of cable seals. If you have any questions about cable seals, prices, models, pictures, please contact us for the latest information on cable seals. Junchuang has specialized in the production of cable seals for more than 10 years. With rich experience and solid strength, we can complete production tasks on time and in quality, making us the manufacturer that can assure the new and old customers.