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Customs Plastic Seal Is What Material Manufacturing? Customs Plastic Seals How To Use?
Feb 28, 2018

Customs plastic seals are made of a plastic parts, used to fix the wires, cables and other lines. Can play a very strong role in the fixed. The plastic seal consists of two parts, one end is a square plastic mouth, which has a hook-shaped flexible plastic buckle, the other is a serrated plastic seal strip body, the body can be bent through the front of the plastic port and form a ring Equipped, pants-like belt can be used to tying cables. Because the sealing strip body can be serrated plastic plastic mouth with the elastic plastic button close, so the plastic seal can play a very solid role in fixing.

Now widely used in the plastic seals customs power groups, water group, petroleum, military, banking, railway, foreign trade commodity inspection, aviation fuel, inspection and quarantine agencies to prevent theft of the preferred sealing equipment.

plastic seals

Second, the application of the customs plastic seals and procedures:

1, the clerk or shipping company with the owner to confirm the one-way shipping companies to purchase the appropriate number of seals;

2, under normal circumstances, the seal is held by the shipping company, will be accompanied by container loading company. If the seal is purchased by the company and stored directly in the company, the seal should be given by the clerk to the custodian of the cabinet.

3, the loading manager to the container company or customs declaration obtained seal, you should check the seal integrity, reliability, and confirm the seal number, if damaged, you should fill in the "Seal Breakage Report," immediately Require the container driver or declarant to renew the seal and report it to the salesman and company safety officer. After obtaining the new seal, the new seal number should be immediately reported to the salesman.

4, in the case of damaged seals, the most stringent inspection of the empty containers should be carried out, if there is an exception should be requested immediately change the cabinet, or directly requested a change of cabinet, and fill in the "seal damage report."