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Introduction Of The Scope Of Use Of Seals
Sep 19, 2017

Identification and numbering of the font is not clear, should be timely to use the relevant responsible for reporting, timely replacement.

(1) The sealing personnel have no right to unsealed the equipment in the normal seal.

(2) All motorists may not change the seals, such as discovering internal anomalies, must be on-site storage, and signed by the customer recognized. At the same time report to the operator, the operation of a special confirmation.

(3) The driver is confined to the mouth of the vehicle tank at the scene.

(4) Other personnel should be unsealed if the work needs to be notified to the customer together for the unsealed and sealed.

(5) The seal must be clearly visible on the seals when adding seals to the tank mouth device.

(6) After the sealing of the steel wire head, the length should not exceed 1.5cm, the extra wire rope must be cut off with a miter clamp, and the head of the hole wire will disperse.