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Introduction To Container Seals
Nov 15, 2017

container bolt seal,container lead seal,plastic security seal,cable seal,plastic padlock seal,container padlock seal,wire seal,padlock sealContainer seal is a lock of the container, but only once, after opening the bad, can not be used again. Above a title, is unique, if the customer gets the container seal on the number with the bill of lading on the same, on behalf of the container did not open, the goods intact. It is not a mark, a mark refers to the packaging of goods printed mark, not the same thing.

The key is made of metal, the plastic body is made of plastic, and the lock body is the spring structure. The surface of the lock body is made of hot, laser typing and serial number. The bar code and color can be customized according to the requirements of the user. 8, the length can be produced according to user requirements, pull up to F ≥ 250KG.

Scope: Applicable to customs containers, tankers, container trucks and other purposes.

the classification of seals

(1) by the imposing seal of the person can be divided into: factory seal (factory seal, is the export factory plus); lock (closed, that is, customs seal, is the customs plus); ship closure (shipping company seal, Company plus); terminal temporary closure (terminal temporary seal, is the terminal plus).

(2)2According to the sealing material and function can be divided into: high security seals (also known as bullet seals), wire seals, plastic seals, metal seals and padlock seals and so on.