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Introduction To The Equinox Practice
Mar 20, 2018

Introduction to the equinox practice

Every year on the vernal equinox day, there are tens of millions of people around the world doing "pile" tests. Why is this "Chinese custom" game played as a "world game" and it is still difficult to verify it. However, the gameplay is simple and interesting: choose a smooth, fresh egg that has just given birth for four or five days and put it upside down on the table. Although there are many losers, there are many successful ones. Spring is divided into the best time to play the game of eggs, so there is the saying "spring equinox, eggs are pretty."


Eggs on the vernal equinox day

"Do you have an egg today?" This is the most popular word on the Internet. The equinox is the most fun to play on this day. It is an old saying, “The spring equinox is coming, the eggs are pretty” is this game.