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Low Cost And High Efficiency, The International Logistics Promising
Jan 08, 2018

Low cost and high efficiency, the international logistics promising

International logistics more and more people are concerned about the issue of environmental pollution - "express tape around the Earth's equator 425 laps a year", "Express cartons use more than 10 billion a year," and other reports sting with people's nerves. The international logistics industry, high emissions, high pollution, extensive mode of development needs to be changed.

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Take an ordinary fuel truck, running at least 100 kilometers to spend 70 yuan oil costs, replaced by the same cargo capacity of new energy trucks, only 14.5 yuan electricity, light at this point the cost of international logistics can be Down nearly Bacheng. Second, in terms of maintenance costs, since the new energy vehicles do not have engines, the maintenance expenditure only accounts for a quarter of that of conventional trucks. "So now the company's new energy international logistics costs can be about 13% lower than the traditional international logistics." In the view of single manager, both clean and environmental protection is also fuel-efficient and economical, such an industry will be promising.

Cargo Container Seals

Now the company has more than a dozen new energy trucks put into use, as of the end of next year, the company will replace all the more than 100 trucks for new energy trucks. "In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of pure green development and refuse the pollution of the traditional fuel-efficient vehicle exhaust gas.At the same time, with the advantage of low-cost pure electric international logistics vehicles, reduce international logistics costs, protect people's livelihood and serve the livelihood of the people, A power. "