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Metal Band Seals
Nov 28, 2017

Metal band seals are fixed length seals, which create a 3 inch loop. Constructed of tin plate steel, these seals are used for trucks, trailers, railcars and a wide range of other applications.

Our stock metal band seals feature a unique pre-assigned consecutive serial number

The globe band seals provide more security. They feature a double locking mechanism and a higher break strength compared to the flat band seals. These seals require a hand tool for removal.1.8mm cable seal,40cm length plastic seals,adjustable cable seal,adjustable length plastic seal,aluminum cable seal,anti-rotating bolt seal,anti-spin bolt seals,ballot box security seals,bank security plastic seal,barcode bolt seal

Flat seals are intended for low security applications where economy and convenience are top priorities. These seals can be removed without tools.

Metal band seals are durable in extreme weather conditions.