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Meter Seal Introduction
May 28, 2018

       Meter seals are seal seals that are packaged outside of the meter. These include seals for electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, and pressure gauges. The reason why the Meter has to be sealed is because it has a scale index on it. For example, the power bureau and the tap water company collect fees for the users according to the scale. Once the scale is passive, it will bring enormous power to the power bureau and other organizations. Loss, so the Meter is required to install the seal, and the seal can not be arbitrarily destroyed. Now more commonly used on Meter seals is still common seals such as old-style seal beans, but now more and more users have begun to apply plastic seals as Meter seals, which have a simple and convenient use of plastic seals, acid resistance Corrosion and other excellent properties. Meter sealing is one of the most important applications for seal products. At present, various anti-theft seals produced by our company are widely used in Meter sealing, and have formed with many power departments, quality supervision bureaus, water supply departments and gas companies. Long-term and stable cooperation.

Meter seal introduction