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Meter Seals Effectively Prevent Meter Tampering
Dec 21, 2017

“Meter tampering constitutes fraud and may result in criminal charges. Customers will be held liable and no mercy [will be] shown to those found to have tampered with their meters, after June 30, when the amnesty period ends,” said member of the Infrastructure, Environment and Services MMC Councillor Nico de Jager.

meter security tags

At JCSY, multiple innovative technology platforms allow us to create thousands of security products for dozens of diverse markets. Our technologies help ensure articles or documents are protected against counterfeiting and attempts at alteration and tampering are easy to detect. Thus, it enables us to meet client security demands on a timely, efficient and professional basis. Not surprisingly, JCSY has built an impeccable reputation among both clients and competitors as a vanguard in tamper-resistant engineering.