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Mystery In The Security Seals
Feb 01, 2018

Many people know that there are different colors of "seals" on the van of Datong Plant, but very few people know its specific purpose. However, the driver of the fleet knows it clearly. If you want something from the transport team in Datong Plant Name, it is impossible, it is not good to be stopped but also be fined! Among these, a small lead seal played a big role. Careful observation Datong factory coal vehicles used in the seal, you will find above the "Kobayashi, Wu Xu," such as the difference between Heaven and Earth to support the code, there is any mystery it? Datong plant into the coal about 35,000 tons a day, 90% of the coal by car transport, pick up trucks reached more than 1,000 vehicles. In the initial stage of direct purchase of mines, there was a series of fierce battles among coal transport vehicles, rampant coal exchange, transportation control and anti-control.

In 2011, Datong Plant enabled seals to be controlled, but failed because seals were faked. In October the same year, the factory opened the seal control, due to poor seal management, seal was faked, poor management. In March 2012, Datong began customizing its special seal molds, which caused the seal falsification to disappear. However, there was a situation of corrosion and closure of lead seal managers. Despite the improvement in management effect, the phenomenon of stolen coal has not been stopped.


In April 2013, Datong Plant added the anti-counterfeit measures when using the sixth edition of seals. The eight colors are used in combination with the sixty heavens and yards. When manufacturing the seal, the color and the code are designed by hand . They also asked the manufacturer, what kind of lead seal is a commercial secret, must not be leaked. The use of the process, the daily use of the seal style, color, character code in the morning notice Shi Feng staff. In this way, the seal is changing every day, but no one knows what it will become, completely eradicate the phenomenon of trafficking in coal thief.

Today, the seal factory in Datong has been updated to the eighth generation. The coal-fired people jokingly said that when the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches have been used up, they use the hexagrams in the gossip and seventy-two disciples of Confucius, Liangshan Hundreds and Bats, the profound and profound Sinology, and the useful code ......