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One Of Our Prouduct:Metal Strap Seals
May 03, 2018

The metal strap seal is applied to seal the cases in container short-distance transportation, truck and trailer freight's adopts tinplate as raw material and made by model punching and assembly, with favorable price and high safety characteristics. In addition, marks and numbers will never be damaged for shaped punching. JUNCHUANG can produce custom-made products according to the special requirements of the customer for considerable quantity.

The versatile  strap seal is especially suited to securing curtain side trucks fitted with TIR cables, box trucks, railway wagons, lorry tankers and containers, as well as boxes and other items for despatch.

One of Our Prouduct:Metal Strap Seals

The metal strap seal is a tin-plated steel strap seal. The strap thickness of just 0.3 mm makes it ideal for situations where the sealing apertures are narrow. The seal’s strap comes embossed with a 6-digit consecutive number. A short piece of text can be added on request. The metal strap seal is fastened by pushing the tip of the strap into the open slot of the ball until it clicks shut, creating a fixed length loop. The seal can be used with the Tie extension tie wire, if the sealing apertures are spaced too far apart.

Wire cutters are required to remove the metal strap seal.