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Plastic Seals Different Models Of Different Structures
Sep 19, 2017

Two plastic seals appearance material looks the same plastic seal due to the internal structure of different tensile conditions, the relatively more than one program will often be more complete, the choice of plastic seals should be based on the actual use of the situation and choose.

Of course, the use of plastic to serve as a material is not only fancy it can bulk injection molding production and low-cost, more importantly, it's lightweight and easy to dismantle the advantages.

Plastic seals look similar to the appearance of the surface, the internal structure is another mystery, it can be divided into two categories, one type of plastic seals and welding plastic seals.

The difference is that one-time injection molding and injection welding molding. In one-time injection molding of the seal head with injection molding plastic flip, which is also the only place to buckle the seal, the opposite of the plastic injection welding molding is the difference between the seal head is installed in the stainless steel chip flip,

When the seal is going to be pulled out, it will be pulled back by the stainless steel sheet, and the hard pull will break the seal.