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Reasons Why Plastic Security Seals
Jan 30, 2018

Plastic security seals feature largely as a form of security in a variety of industries and also in the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo. This can be either ground, sea, air or intermodal. Using security seals as a tamper-proof method of protecting goods goes hand-in-hand with the implementation of proper security systems.

Safety is absolutely paramount - you can be assured with plastic safety seals as they act as a deterrent to tampering and theft.


Product theft and contamination can and will be discovered immediately - the plastic seal is designed to be tamper-proof. Intrusive attempts and tampering will show clear signs and will therefore immediately draw your attention.

Plastic safety seals can be manufactured as seals of various lengths or commonly referred to as tightening seals. These plastic safety seals can be used on a variety of occasions, from the neck of a bag to the taught truck curtains, first aid kit and even fire extinguishers.

Variable-length plastic safety seals work the same way as cable ties, but with a higher level of safety because the locking mechanism is designed to be tamper-proof and in some cases can include metal inserts.

Plastic safety seals are consecutively numbered to enable users to perform audit trails.

Plastic safety seals can be printed in a variety of ways, including hot foil, laser marking or thermal transfer.

Plastic safety seals come in a variety of elements that make each seal unique, including the type of seal, color, prefix, and serial number.