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Safety Barrier For Shipping Container Dangerous Goods
Jan 31, 2018

Using anything less is not advised when transporting high valued goods. Global customs have strict rules on what qualifies as high security. High security bolt seals are exceptionally durable and can’t be removed without the use of special tools. If safety is a concern, especially when large volumes or valuable goods are a factor, anything less puts you and your business at an unnecessary risk.

Insist on Bolt Seal rated as High Security and ISO17712. Quality control is of the utmost importance when making decisions when in the market for high security bolt seals.


High security isn’t just a term used to describe what some might perceive to be “better” seals, or seals that appear to be tougher than the rest. In order for a seal to be rated as high security, it needs to meet with world customs and ISO security standards, having gone through a rigorous testing process and been found to comply with the highest international standards. Most need to be made of strong materials that require special tools to be opened.

There are a variety of high security seals available to suit most needs and JCSY offers bespoke solutions, tailored to your businesses exact needs.