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SECURITY SEAL – Tamper-Evident Security Seals Enhanced With Security Features
Apr 24, 2018

Best Practices for implementation of security seal processes in the supply chain.


Security seals are necessary to protect the assets of most supply chains, but if the usage of tamper evident security products is not supported by the implementation of best practices, the real value of the security product is significantly diminished, which means the supply chain is rendered vulnerable.This will change the definition of a High Security Seal per the standard.


Its enhanced seals provide the highest level of security and can effectively protect valuable content in transportation/storage, allowing the dismissal of unsubstantiated false claims from liability.


Junchuang’ entire range of high security seals is compliant with the new requirements, and we welcome an opportunity to provide guidance and compliant solutions to your company.


Call Junchuang today and speak with a specialist, or visit  our website certification.