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Teach You How To Maintain The Wire Seal! Shake The Wire Seal Is Mainly Used In What Place
Mar 15, 2018

Teach you how to maintain the wire seal! Shake the wire seal is mainly used in what place

Shake the characteristics of the wire seal material: The lock head of the crankshaft wire seal adopts the aluminum alloy with better oxidation resistance and stronger, acid and alkali resistance; the steel wire adopts aviation wire rope. Sun protection, anti-oil corrosion; tight structure, easy to install. Tensile strength: more than 300 kg, lock insert, after the lock must be removed with a bolt cutter. This seal is a one-time seal. Once closed, it cannot be opened. It is extremely safe and cannot be used again after using it once! Prevent theft from leaking.

Rocker type wire seals. The utility model comprises a lock, a lock sleeve, a lock body and a steel wire rope. One end of the steel wire is fixed in the seal lock device of the seal, and the other end of the steel wire rope is threaded in the lock, so as to ensure that the seal is not affected by the use environment when the seal is used. Unsealed, the possibility of re-sealing the steel wire rope after being pulled back is eliminated, the safety of sealing is improved, and the management of the equipment is facilitated. If you want to open it, you can cut it with wire cutters.

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The following is a little knowledge of maintenance of crankshaft wire seals that I know:

1, some heart locks can not be refueling, (very few) if the daughter-in-law heart lock.

2, lock the heart not to rain. Flush, because there is a small spring will rust failure is not flexible.

3. Place the handle wire seal in a dry place. Please do not put it in a damp place because it is extremely easy to rust.

4. Please don't lock the crankshaft wire seal when there is no cargo to lock, because once locked, you can't open it.

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Speaking of this rocker, the friend of the wire seal is basically known, is a kind of padlock made of disposable steel wire, there is also a wire seal called the wire seal, the basic introduction of structural materials of the wire seal in front and Said a lot, now mainly introduce to introduce where the wire seal is mainly used. The main industries used for steel wire seals are tanks suitable for petroleum transportation, chemical industry, mining, customs, railways, finance, containers, foreign trade inspection, transportation and product processing, and enterprise product inspection, packaging barrel packaging, energy metering, and small keyholes. Install containers to prevent theft, leakage, seal and other industries. In front of the industry is said that the application of wire seals, and now look at the place where the wire seal, such as the use of various types of containers, container trucks, box cars, tank containers, electricity meters, water meters, scientific instruments, ordnance, Containers for short-distance transportation, trucks, trailers, freight, fire equipment seals, and sealed sealed railways are all places where steel wire seals are used. In general, the range of applications for rocker wire seals is very extensive.