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Does The Temperature Affect The Self-locking Nylon Tie? Ties Performance Characteristics Are?
Mar 19, 2018

Does the temperature affect the self-locking nylon tie? Ties performance characteristics are?

The temperature has an effect on the self-locking nylon tie. The following describes in detail the effects of temperature on the use of the places commonly used in nylon cable ties.

1, self-locking nylon cable tie has hygroscopicity, do not open the package before use, open the package after the wet environment, try to use up within 12 hours, or re-packed unused nylon tie, so as not to affect the operation The tensile strength and rigidity of the nylon cable tie when used. The

2. When using the device, use the pulling tension and do not exceed the tensile strength (tensile force) of the nylon cable tie itself. The

3. The loop diameter of the bundled objects should be smaller than the diameter of the nylon cable ties, and the remaining length of the strips after tying is 80 mm. Nylon cable ties maintain excellent mechanical properties and thermal aging resistance over a wide temperature range (-40 to 120°C)

plastic seal

4. Humidity affects the self-locking nylon cable tie Nylon cable tie can maintain excellent mechanical properties in a wet environment. The nylon tie has hygroscopicity, humidity (moisture content) increases, and has higher elongation and impact strength. However, the tensile strength and rigidity gradually decreased.

5, electrical characteristics and flame retardant Nylon cable tie has a good insulation, electrical rated temperature of less than 105 degrees does not affect its performance, flame retardant UL rating 94V-2.

1. Self-locking nylon cable ties are also known as nylon cable ties, cable tie self-locking plastic ties, and weather-resistant plastic ties. Due to the special nature of the product, the plastic ties have more attention to their molds, injection molding processes and materials. Plastic ties are bundles of things that can be pulled tighter and have detachable straps (live buckles). Widely used in internal wiring of electronic factories, tied television sets, computers, etc., fixation of internal circuits such as lighting, motors, and electronic toys, fixing of oil pipelines of mechanical equipment, packaging, or bundling of other objects, as well as agriculture, handicrafts, etc. Bundle items. Plastic ties are used to seal the filled bag by one-way self-locking.

 plastic seal

Second, self-locking nylon cable tie performance characteristics

 1. Acid resistance, corrosion, good insulation, not easy to aging, light weight, safe and non-toxic, strong endurance.

 2. The product has the characteristics of fast lashing, good insulation, self-locking ban, easy to use and so on.

 3. Sun protection, waterproof, moisture proof, dustproof.

 4. Durable.

 Therefore, in use, the possibility of breakage during construction and self-disconnection after use is very small, so as to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of each filled bag body and play a role in ensuring the safety and stability of the project.