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The Advantages Of Electronic Seals
Apr 23, 2018

Seals are the security locks for measuring instruments: they prevent the manufacture of false seals, and eliminate the occurrence of piracy, theft of electricity, and the gas stolen. It is the seal mark on the ordinary seal that determines the authenticity of the seal, but it is easy to counterfeit. However, the electronic seal has a unique identification code, which is programmed by the process laser during the manufacturing of the semiconductor chip. There is no duplication in the whole country for the code. The unique code of the chip is read statically and is compared with the database. Electronic seals have lower manufacturing costs, but they are extremely expensive to copy and extremely difficult to counterfeit, which basically forbids the occurrence of illegal crime.

 The advantages of electronic seals

Realize the digital operation of meter reading: Static reading, release of water meter customer files, large capacity storage meter reading data, export charging bills. The meter reader carries the handheld meter-reading device to the scene, proximity identifies the electronic seal, then calls out the user profile to which the measuring device belongs, outputs the current indication of the measuring device, and then export the computer software charge form directly after storage. Ordinary water meters, electricity meters, and gas meters with electronic seals, have realized rapid identification of tableware, electronic storage meter readings, computer-introduced meter reading data, billing forms, and printing of billing documents. A small investment can make meter reading operations to the level of paperless digital static operations.