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The Counter Has A Meter Seal To Ensure Fuel Accuracy
Nov 28, 2017

The counter has a meter seal to ensure fuel accuracy

Want to know how the gas station gas gun count? In the Sinopec's public opening day, these questions have the answer. This reporter has learned that at Sinopec Gas Station in Shilihe, webmaster Lv Jinye opened the fuel tank cap of a self-service fuel dispenser so that citizens participating in the public open day saw the true colors in the tanker.

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"In fact, the digital display is not a gun, but a counter hidden in the lower part of the tanker." Lv Jin-Ye introduced the visitors to the visitors and opened the metal panel at the bottom of the tank with a key so as to see the inside Count the number of tubes of a tube - a silver pot-shaped metal parts. luggage seals

One end of this machine is attached to the fuel gun and dashboard, the other end connected to the underground depot. "This equipment we usually can not move, there are meter seals, sealed by the Bureau of Quality Supervision, which controls how much oil in the end, so even if the public encountered in the refueling gun jump table situation , Will not affect the accuracy of the count. "Lu stationmaster said, do not have to worry about the remaining oil gun will allow myself to" lose. "