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The Features Of Industrial Security Padlocks
Nov 28, 2017

Security padlocks can be used in different ways depending on their composition, design, and strength. Often “standard” for individuals, they’re endowed with a variety of options when they secure industrial products and sites. Here are a few examples of security padlocks and their features.

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Security seal

The padlock seal often consists of a wire clasp and a plastic body. While it doesn’t let you totally block opening and access, it’s nevertheless effective at providing proof of intrusion if damaged. The seal can also use a barcode to account for and track the goods equipped with it. Light and practical, it’s an excellent alternative to conventional padlocks when it’s not necessary to physically block access.

Security padlocks with steel, nylon, or aluminum handles

A security padlock can be reinforced by the presence of a hardened steel handle. It’s also possible to choose a nylon body to cut the flow of electrical current between the handle and the key. For its part, an aluminum handle is used to reduce the total weight of the padlock. Finally, stainless steel handles offer maximum resistance to corrosion.