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The Lantern Festival
Mar 02, 2018

The Lantern Festival is an ancient Chinese traditional festival. The Lantern Festival lantern began with the ancient people holding a torch in the countryside to drive the beetle and hope to reduce pests and pray for a good harvest. Until today, people in some parts of southwestern China have also made firehorses on the fifteenth day of the fifth lunar month with firewood or branches, and they dances in hordes or sunflowers in droves. Since the Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties, it has been very popular. Participate in song and dance up to tens of thousands of people, from the faint da, to the dark and strike. With the changes in society and the times, the customs and practices of the Lantern Festival have long since changed a lot, but so far it is still a traditional Chinese folk festival.


Lunar January fifteen eat Lantern, "Lantern" as a food in our country a long time. In the Song Dynasty, folk was a novel food that was popular during the Lantern Festival. This food, the earliest called "floating element" after the "Lantern", the businessman also beautiful name "ingot." Lantern is the "dumpling" with white sugar, rose, sesame, red bean, Huang Gui, walnuts, nuts, dates and so on for the filling, with glutinous rice flour into a round, can be meat vegetarian, different flavors. Can soup, fried, steamed, happy reunion. Shaanxi dumpling is not a package, but in the glutinous rice flour "roll" into, or cook or fried, heat, get round and round.