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The Role Of Seals Installed On The Meters
Apr 04, 2018

Electricity, as a commodity that appears in our lives, has always played a very important role. However, there are some people who have taken the idea of stealing electricity and secretly replacing the line in the meter to steal other people's electricity for their own use. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, the meter seal appeared.

Meter seal, which is also known as meter locks, is mainly used to prevent the theft of electricity. With the increase in the use of electricity meters, the meter seal has not only a role in security and anti-theft, but also as a certificate of conformity. The meter is qualified and sealed at the factory , indicating that it can be installed and used. Each seal has a specific code just like a warranty paper.

Meter seals can not be opened privately, as long as it is privately opened, it will be treated as theft.

The role of seals installed on the meters

Each meter has a meter seal, which is sealed by the local power company and is the power company's assets. The main function of this meter seal is to prevent someone from stealing electricity. Therefore, the meter seals can not be opened arbitrarily.

So, what are the advantages of the electric meter seals produced by Junchuang?

1. It has good anti-smashing function, compact structure with excellent materials. After sealing, the sealing line and the sealing body are integrated. The sealing line can not be easily pulled out without destroying the sealing body, and cannot be recovered after destruction.

2. The lock core are made of metal materials and have good anti-corrosion and anti-pull ability.

3. Use high-quality materials, sun protection, anti-oil corrosion.

4. Solid, temperature-resistant, easy-to-lock, environmentally friendly, with clear identification numbers, easy to use, and inexpensive