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Valentine's Day Legend
Feb 12, 2018

In the Middle Ages, Valentine's Day was the most popular in the UK. At that time, some popular customs were also popular. For example, they wrote the names of local unmarried men and women separately on paper strips and placed the names of men and women in separate boxes. Then, unmarried men and women began drawing lots in boxes with the opposite sex. When names are withdrawn, they exchange gifts with each other. The woman became a man's "Valentine" during the year. The woman also embroiders the woman's name on the sleeves of a man and taking care of and protecting the woman becomes the man's sacred duty.

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Valentine's Day is characterized by the gift of each other gifts. Today, people like to use lover cards to express their love to their loved ones. Valentine's card is usually painted cupid, arrow shot in the heart and so on. "

The cupid of the goddess of love in the Roman mythology is often found on Valentine's Day objects. Regarding the relationship between Cupid and Valentine's Day, the above-mentioned thesaurus says: "Cupid (Latin cupido, meaning desire, love), the Roman god of love, is equivalent to Greece Eros, the god of eros, who is usually represented by a cute little boy with two wings on his back, eyes covered in cloth, and armed with bows and arrows.