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What Is The Diameter Of Steel Wire Seals?
Sep 19, 2017

What is the diameter of the wire seals? This is the product attribute that many customers want to know when they buy steel wire seals. General Jack wire seals and many other types of wire seals of the diameter are φ1.8 (1). 8mm.

So many customers will ask, can this diameter of steel wire seals enough? We rest assured that the production of the seal of the wire seals are tested by tensile force, the carrying force to reach f≥150kg. This rally is sufficient for containers, container trucks and other large locks to be used. And our steel wire seals can, sunscreen, oil-resistant corrosion. What are the reasons why we have a lot of repeat customers? The quality of our products, to allow customers to trust, so that orders flow.

Steel wire seals are divided into: tight-type steel wire seals, jack-type wire seals, because there are differences in the processing, so the price also has a slight deviation.

And with the price fluctuation of the market, the price of the wire seals is also small fluctuation.