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What Is The Plastic Seal And What To Pay Attention To When Purchasing?
Apr 12, 2018

One-time plastic seals is also called disposable plastic seals, which is made of special pressure-compressed plastic. This pressure-molded one-time plastic seal uses a maximum temperature of 60°C and a minimum temperature of minus 30°C, which makes the quality of the plastic seals very strong. The places where one-time plastics are used include foreign trade inspections, containers, ships, air transport, logistics companies, shipping companies, chemicals, mines, postal services, customs, railways, finance, containers, transport handling equipment, transportation and product processing, corporate products inspection, barrel packaging, energy metering, instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military, petroleum transportation, that is to say, the disposal plastic seal will be used as long as where seals are used.

 One-time plastic seals

One-time plastic seals have the advantages of firm sealing, temperature-resistant and easy-locking, good anti-corrosion performance, clear identification, easy use, reliable quality, and high quality and low price. The disposable plastic seal is a one-time use and it cannot be reused. This is where the value of disposable plastic seals lies.


Plastic seal selection is also very important, we must choose a professional plastic seal brand with R&D and manufacturing capabilities and long experience. Junchuang Lock Industry specialized in the production of plastic seals for more than 10 years. It has established a good reputation among new and old customers and formed a long-term stable cooperative relationship.