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What Is The Quality Of The Container Seals?
Mar 16, 2018

What is the quality of the container seals?

With the rapid economic development, the volume of transportation has gradually increased and the value of goods has also increased. The demand for blockades, plastic seals, and wire seals from the container market is also increasing. The first impression of people using seals was hand-written paper seals. Many transport companies and packaging companies now seal container containers and plastic seals. The steel wire seals have to be reused. The plastic seals and wire seals not only bring convenience to people, but also allow our staff to more standardize the operation of the process; thus ensuring the safety of property and promoting social harmony. At present, the traditional lead lock (ie, the railway seal) has been difficult to meet the cargo security requirements for cargo security supervision. There are many deficiencies:

security container seals

1. container seals, custody, registration, etc. are manual operations, and the error rate is high.

2. The inspection can only be carried out on-site and on-site by the cargo personnel or cargo inspection personnel, and the operation efficiency is low.

3. The listed marks are only limited, sealed stations (or special lines) and seals, and cannot provide information such as the block number, the company's special mark, etc.

4. can only be manually checked, can not achieve the inspection automation, modernization, management methods behind.

5. can not make the owner or the higher level management department of the key cargo, key vehicles sealed state, can not real-time status of the goods, can not provide customers with timely logistics information.

Container seal is one of the sealed products, steel: steel wire, sealed: within the packaging industry. In fact, the most popular argument is this: Shi blockade. Container blockade is mainly made of steel wire seals, which can lock things that are more difficult to lock, most importantly, strong, and reliable, relatively high cost performance is the most recent sales ranking in the past year, many industries can use the steel wire Seals are widely used in society, and the work of Shi blockade is better than the general seals, more sophisticated and beautiful, the present society is the most sought after fashion, so no matter what industry is innovating, the wire seal is followed by a big era The pace has come up step by step. From the old-style seals completely transformed, it looks more refined and tough, not so easy to break, so many businesses are happy, the most important is steel.

Three measures to see if the quality of the container blockade is good or bad

1. The surface, the general surface treatment of electroplating, spraying and coloring three, these surface treatments can form a protective film on the product, anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect, while making the product more beautiful and durable.

2. Materials The market for Shi blockade materials is basically divided into stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, iron steel and aluminum. Stainless steel has good strength, strong corrosion resistance, and constant color. It is the best material for making locks; copper is more versatile, its mechanical properties are superior, and its price is relatively expensive; high-quality zinc alloy is strong and wear-resistant, and its corrosion resistance is very strong. Molding, generally used to make mid-range locks.

3. Weigh, and voice, We must weigh, feel, hear sound.