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What Plastic Seal Material Is Manufactured? How To Use Plastic Seals? Advantages Of Plastic Seals!
Mar 14, 2018

What plastic seal material is manufactured? How to use plastic seals? Advantages of plastic seals!

First, the plastic seal is made of a plastic accessories for fixing wires, cables and other lines. Can play a very solid fixation. The plastic seal is composed of two parts, one end is a square plastic mouth with a hook-shaped elastic plastic buckle, and the other is a serrated plastic seal strip. The strip body can be bent through the front plastic mouth and form a ring. It can be used to bundle cables similar to pants. Since the serrations on the seal strips can closely contact with the elastic plastic buckles in the plastic mouth, the plastic seals can play a very firm fixation. Nowadays, plastic seals are widely used in electric power companies, water utilities, petroleum, military, banks, railways, foreign trade inspections, aviation fuels, inspection and quarantine and other institutions to prevent theft of leaked seals of choice.

plastic seals

Second, the plastic seal application and use procedures:

1. The clerk or shipping company holds the shipowner to confirm that the one-way shipping company purchases the corresponding number of seals;

2. Under normal circumstances, the seal is held by the freight company and will accompany the container to the company. If the seal is purchased by the company and stored directly in the company, the salesman shall hand over the seal to the responsible person in charge of the cabinet.

3. After the cabinet operator obtains the seal from the container driver or the company customs agent, he shall check the integrity and reliability of the seal, and confirm the seal number. If there is any damage, he shall fill out the “sealing and damage report” immediately. The container driver or customs agent is required to renew the seal, report it to the salesman and the company security supervisor, and after the new seal is obtained, the new seal number should be immediately reported to the salesman.

4. In the event of a damaged seal, the most stringent inspection of the empty container should be conducted. If there is any abnormality, the cabinet should be changed immediately, or the change of the cabinet should be requested and the seal damage report should be filled.

5. If the container that comes with the damaged seal is the container that is going to fight the cabinet, the charge officer shall report it to the customs agent immediately, and the customs agent must notify the previous factory to dispatch a member to check the container, and all the items shall be unboxed. Check and reload the cabinet.

security plastic seals

6. If the seal is intact, the person in charge of the cabinet shall lock the seal into the seal counter to ensure that it will not be stolen or replaced and the key should be carried around;

7. After the product is loaded into the cabinet, the sealer seals it and records the seal number on the loading record form;

8. Report the counter number and plastic seal number to the salesperson;

9. The cabinet number and plastic seal number have become the only corresponding matching numbers.

10. In the process of using the container seal, if the seal is damaged or wrongly sealed, it shall be immediately reported to the salesman, and immediately apply for a new seal in accordance with relevant legal procedures. All the original old seal records shall be changed and new seals shall be issued. Fill in the number of the ticket.

11. After the installation of lead seals: inform the customs officers of the container number, seal number, license plate number, and other information. If any damage to the lead is found during this process, the following procedure should be followed:

(1) When the seal is found to be broken, the customs agent or the transportation company must report immediately to the person in charge of the factory and describe the course of the incident. (2) The person in charge of the safety of the factory shall arrange for authorized personnel to inspect the goods in the vehicle to ensure that there is no shortage, increase in the quantity of goods, and damage to the goods.

(3) When abnormality is found, local public security opportunities and customs must be notified, and the business personnel should be notified to inform the customer for the first time so that the customer can make the next arrangements.


(4) When there is no abnormality in the inspection, the lead must be resealed and the old and new lead seal numbers recorded. And keep a record of damaged lead seals.

12. If the seal is lost, it shall be immediately reported to the customs broker and relevant business personnel. The customs declaration officer shall immediately report the loss of seal to the government customs and freight forwarding company, and apply for cancellation of the original seal number and reapply for a new seal.

13. If the seal is damaged due to random inspection by the customs, apply for a new seal based on the credentials presented by the customs, report it to the relevant business personnel, and provide relevant evidence to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination smoothly.

14. Corresponding records should be retained.

Third, container seal related management procedures:

1. Shipment Safety Management Procedures for Shipments

Fourth, related management charts:

1, seal management record table

2. Seal damage report

Fifth, the advantages of plastic seals: acid, alkali, good insulation, not easy to aging!