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What's Hot On Google In 2017?
Jan 09, 2018

What's hot on Google in 2017?

In general, hot search trends may mean something will be welcome in the future. However, there are some hot search trends will be rapidly cooled. Let's look at some of Google's hot search trends that peaked in 2017 and have not slowed down yet.

1. Unicorn: Unicorn cake, hot chocolate and cheesecake are some of the more popular products. Consumers who search for unicorn cuisine are found all over the world, and "how many calories are in a Unicorn Frappuccino" is a major calorie-related issue.

2. Clay: "slime" was so hot in 2017 that "how to make slime" became one of the hottest "how-to" issues this year. Of course the popularity of clay has also led to an increase in the search volume of "how to get slime out of carpet" questions.

3. Red-net animals: In 2017, some animals became the focus of consumers. A giraffe named April, after a live-in pregnancy, is popular in Google search. Prenatal hippopotamus baby Fiona also received a high search volume, search and rescue dog Marnie also sprouted the search for human heart.

4. Terrier Figure: 2017 Top 5 Terrier Figure (meme, similar to the expression package)

•“Cash me outside”;

•“United Airlines”;

•“Elf on the Shelf”;

•“What in Tarnation?”;

•“Mocking Spongebob”。


5. Acronym: Seekers are searching for popular acronyms on Google to find out what they mean. Some hot searches in 2017 include: • Woman Wrush Wednesday (who shares her obsessive love with things on Wednesday) • TFW (that feeling when similar to "you understand") • GOAT (greatest of all time, Forever best); OFC (of course, of course).Just like Shandong Junchuang Lock co.,Ltd,we usually call JCSY.

The above is the Google hot search 2017 trend, then you have to guess what big search trends 2018 will appear?