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Why Can't Wire Seals Be Replaced With Key Locks?
Mar 29, 2018

Why can't wire seals be replaced with key locks?

As a large number of types of seal seals, wire seals have a wide range of product models and product features. They can be adapted to different industrial environments by using steel wires of different lengths and diameters. Why use a wire seal as a sealing tool rather than a key lock? Here's a summary of the points.

1.As a one-time seal product, the wire seal is easy to use and inexpensive. Basically, the steel wire seals adopt the locking method of tight sealing. It is only necessary to pass the steel wire through the keyhole to complete the sealing of the goods, and it is also possible to adjust the fastening by tightening the wire. And the price of the wire seal is cheap, usually only one tenth of the ordinary key lock.

container bolt seals.png

2.wire seal removal and management. Since the key lock needs to have a corresponding key each time it is unlocked, it can be opened. When a large number of locks need to be managed, the key lock will appear difficult to manage. The use of wire seals, then only need a wire scissors, demolition wire seals directly scrapped, convenient statistics and re-seal.

3.wire length of wire seals can be freely customized. Feel free to customize different lengths of steel wire, this is the ordinary key lock can not be achieved, and this happens to be enough to meet the needs of most of the customer's application, compared to the wrong line like the valve handle to seal the complex line, use a special custom length The wire seal will be more suitable.

Summary: The application of steel wire seals in safe transportation management and anti-demolition management is an alternative to ordinary key locks. With the development of science and technology, in the future there will be more convenient seals used in all aspects of life.