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Year Plan Is In Spring
Feb 06, 2018

As the saying goes, a year's plan is in spring. As the first solar terms in the 24 solar terms, beginning of spring is the same as establishing the summer, establishing the autumn and establishing the winter. It reflects the change of seasons and also means that a new cycle has been opened.


From the physical sense, now all over the same winter scene, the warm spring has not yet obviously noticeable. In fact, the beginning of spring is a slight turning point in the solar terms. This turning point is not very clear. However, after the spring, the daytime gradually grew up and the weather in the coldest period was basically over. The weather started to pick up gradually and everything was gradually recovering. In the south, the atmosphere of early spring has been blowing in the north. Starting in spring, more can only be said to be the prelude to spring. The prelude to spring has not really started yet.

Throughout the ages, people love spring and think it is a new life overture. After the winter dormancy, all things will be revitalized, all the good will gradually bloom. In literary writing, the beginning of spring is an important image they chant.