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Fixed Length Plastic Seals

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Plastic Packaging Seal

Sealing Type: mechanical seal
Total Length: 494.2mm
Strap Diameter: 9mm Effective Length: 292mm
Tensile Strength: 360N
100 pieces per bag, 2500 pieces per carton

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Airline carts security plastic packaging seal manufacturer JCPS114

Plastic Packaging Seal

What does our plastic packaging seal look like?

Lets see

Plastic Packaging Seal SamplePlastic Packaging Seal List

Plastic Packaging Seal Size

One step

What is the composition of the plastic packaging seal?

Model No.





Sealing Type: mechanical seal

Total Length: 494.2mm

Strap Diameter: 9mm

Effective Length: 292mm

Tensile Strength: 360N




100 pieces per bag, 2500 pieces per carton

Carton Dimension


Gross Weight



Standard colors: Red, yellow, green, blue

Other colors: Available


Easily applied by hand.Thread strap through closure and into locking chamber.

Pull seal up as far as possible.

Removal by cutting tool.

Enterprise strength

How about our factory?

Plastic Packaging Seal EnvironmentPlastic Packaging Seal Production Environment

The plastic packaging seal PS114 is one of Jun Chuang's hot products. His advantage is that he has a larger flag, allowing you to print more company information on it. For example, the combination of text and graphics, bar codes and 7-digit combination. This marking information can make your product to achieve the security effect. And when you use easy to check the number of goods. Large flag makes your goods more conspicuous, indicating that the performance increase.

Junchuang lock industry practitioners 10 years, received a lot of orders for this product. Commonly used in banking and retail. One of our cooperation with domestic banks time of 4 years. Each year we provide 25 million plastic seals. Because we can give you the same quality products factory price. After all, we are the manufacturer, we have the right to decide.

Two step

Delivery period

Delivery Time

2-15days after payment per your order QTY and requirements

Sample Time

2-3 working days after confirmation


yellow is our standard color,but we can produce other color like red,blue,purple,white.Its easy for us to change the color of plastic packaging seal.

Shipping portQingdao,Tianjin,Shanghai,Ningbo......

Plastic Packaging Seal Show

Third step

Below is our quality advantages:

1. Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP)
2. Plastic locking mechanism

1. Customize logo and serial number by hot stamping or laser
2. Barcode.
3. Hot stamping printing in white, black, red is also available.

Standard Colors
1. Light Red2. Blue 3. White 4. Green 5. Yellow6. Orange

1. User friendly.  
2. Comppliant with ISO 17712 I class.
3. Fixed length for special usage
4. Removed by hands

1. Chemical drums
2. Bags
3. Luggage
4. Trucks
5. Mail sack

Plastic Packaging Seal Workshop environment

Our Attitude

We value the communication with our customers.Time is money.Our company is also very value punctual, the boss believes that compliance is the basis for development.

We want to establish long-term business relationship with our esteemed clients Achieve a win-win situation.

If you do not have the information you want, please contact us and we will be at your service 24 hours a day

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