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  • Trailer Security Seals

    Trailer Security Seals

    Total length: 74mm.
    Printing area: 7.9*73.7mm
    Width: 25mm
    Strength: 20KN
    Weight and Packing detail
    Packing standard: 10 pieces/box, 25 boxes/carton
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  • Container Seal Lock

    Container Seal Lock

    high security container seals JCBS201
    Packing standard: 10 pieces/box, 25 boxes/carton
    Carton dimension: 49*32*15cm
    Carton net weight: 16.8kg
    ISO 17712 'H' Compliant - C-TPAT Compliant.Exporter,Manufacturers and suppliers of all type of barcode...
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  • Custom Container Bolt Seals

    Custom Container Bolt Seals

    container seals suppliers JCBS106
    Material:Q235A carbon steel, ABSplastic
    Total length:86mm.
    Printing area:7.9*73.7mm
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  • Pull Strength Bolt Seals

    Pull Strength Bolt Seals

    Material Q235A carbon steel& ABS regin
    Total length: 86.4mm. Printing area: 7.9*73.7mm
    Width: 20.8mm
    Strength: 20KN
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  • Customized Container Bolt Seal

    Customized Container Bolt Seal

    Material Q235A carbon steel,ABS plastic
    Total length: 74.4mm. Printing area: 7.9*73.7mm
    Width: 20.7mm
    Strength: 20KN
    trailer bolt seals JCBS104 Packing standard:
    10 pieces/box, 25 boxes/carton
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  • Bolt Seal C-TPAT Compliant

    Bolt Seal C-TPAT Compliant

    Total length: 81.8mm. Printing area: 7.9*73.7mm
    Width: 21.3mm
    Strength: 20KN
    10 pieces/box, 25 boxes/carton, Carton dimension: 49*32*15cm
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  • Anti Spin Bolt Seal

    Anti Spin Bolt Seal

    bolt seals for shipping containers JCSY101
    Material: Q235A carbon steel, and ABS
    Height: 85.1mm
    Diameter: 8mm
    Strength: 20KN
    Color: yellow, white, blue, orange, etc.
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  • Heavy Duty Container Seals

    Heavy Duty Container Seals

    Product Name high security bolt seal
    Material Q235A Steel & ABS
    Color Yellow,Green,Blue,Orange,Red Etc
    Printing:Laser or stamping
    Lock Body Dia 8mm
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  • Shipping Containers Bolt Seal

    Shipping Containers Bolt Seal

    container bolt seals for sale JCBS002
    Galvanized carbon steel, wrapped with ABS
    Total length: 74.68mm
    Steel bolt Diameter: 8mm
    Breaking Strength: 1700kg
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  • Premium Snap Bolt Seal

    Premium Snap Bolt Seal

    -Heavy duty Bolt Seal
    -ISO/PAS 17712 Approved
    -Self-locking by finger pressure
    -Carbon steel / Galvanized
    -ABS plastic cover on body lock
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  • Metal Strap Seal

    Metal Strap Seal

    Length: 215mm or as request
    Width: 9.5mm
    Tensile strength: ≥500N
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  • Stainless Steel Strapping Seal

    Stainless Steel Strapping Seal

    container security locks SS003
    Total length: 192mm
    Locking width: 7mm
    Tensile strength: around 608NPacking
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